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Bill Moyers & Glenn Greenwald Discuss Gov’t Secrecy, The Beltway Elite, Afghanistan

by on Friday, October 30, 2009 at 2:19 pm EDT in Afghanistan, Politics, World

My favorite news man, Bill Moyer at PBS, interviews my favorite blogger, Glenn Greenwald at Salon, in a web-exclusive video.  It’s a fascinating discussion that covers a number of different topics.

Part I: Moyers and Greenwald discuss how the Obama Administration has actually embraced Bush-era justifications for secrecy and indefinite detention:


Part II: Moyers and Greenwald discuss the Washington Beltway Elite — how they operate, and how they view the world from within their bubble:


Part III: Moyers and Greenwald discuss Afghanistan and President Karzai’s brother — an alleged drug trafficker — who has been receiving millions of dollars by being on the CIA payroll: