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CNN: Israel Ethnically Cleansing Palestinians From Jerusalem At Fastest Rate In History!

by on Saturday, December 5, 2009 at 4:13 pm EDT in Middle East, World

A startling story by CNN shows how Israel has ramped up its Zionist policies of cleansing Palestinians from East Jerusalem. Israel’s Ministry of Interior reported that in 2008 alone, Israel revoked residency permits of 4,577 Palestinians, originally from East Jerusalem.  Compare that 2008 number with the number of Palestinians — 8,558 total — who had been cleansed from that same part of Jerusalem the preceding 40 years (between 1967 and 2007).

Israeli law strips Palestinians of their Jerusalem residency if they acquire residency or citizenship in another country.  This law does not apply to Israeli Jews, who commonly enjoy dual citizenships and residencies in other countries.  Israeli officials contend that Palestinians are always welcome to come back to Jerusalem as tourists.