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Great Dance Track – “Don’t Take it Personal” by Wahoo

by on Wednesday, October 21, 2009 at 6:08 pm EDT in Arts & Entertainment, Music

There’s a lot of great music falling by the wayside these days.  Here’s a cool dance track that — okay, I’m gonna venture out onto this limb, here — is virtually unknown in America.  Apparently, it’s gotten a bit of play in dance clubs around Europe.  Gilles Peterson — master Brit DJ / music purveyor — enlightened me on this track.

Wahoo singer/songwriter Paul Randolph — apparently Philly-born — grew up in Sao Paolo, Brasil and Detroit, MI.  He’s played in sessions with P-Funk, War, Brian Setzer and Buddy Guy.  And now he’s doing his own thing, which I think is fabulous.  I’ve got their full-length CD Take it Personal, but I sort of prefer this version of the single best.




Get the album version of Wahoo’s single “Don’t Take it Personal,”  or the full length CD, Take it Personal here:  Wahoo - Take It Personal - Don't Take It Personal