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2 Lost Gems From Manchester’s Factory Records: Cath Carroll’s ‘Moves Like You’ and Northside’s ‘Moody Places’

by on Sunday, August 28, 2011 at 2:58 pm EDT in Arts & Entertainment, Music

When I was living in London in 1991, Select Magazine released a Factory Records sampler cassette ( FAC 305C ) that would eventually go on to melt in my car. I cherished this sampler, because it introduced me to some fabulous tracks by two largely unknown Manchester artists that I otherwise might never have discovered: Cath Carroll’s ‘Moves Like You’ and Northside’s ‘Moody Places’.

I did ultimately find Cath Carroll’s CD as a pricey import (back in the States), but that Northside track was not included on the group’s only LP release at the time, Chicken Rhythms. Over the years, I managed to forget about the song, its title, etc. (Note to our younger readers: the internet was barely in existence in the early 90s, and it would take more than a decade before decent search engines evolved.)

Well, twenty years now after its release — not sure what exactly made me think of that long lost sampler — I vaguely recalled the track, and thought to investigate on Google.

What I found: In 2005, Northside re-released its Chicken Rhthyms LP — currently unavailable in the US, even as a download — but this time with bonus tracks, including the long lost song, ‘Moody Places’.

Here is that song, streamed from the group’s MySpace page:

Find more Northside albums at Myspace Music

And for those who have never heard of the former-Factory Recording artist, Cath Carroll, here’s the video of her fabulous 1991 single ‘Moves Like You’:


MUSIC VIDEO: Saint Etienne – ‘Nothing Can Stop Us Now’ – 1991

by on Sunday, October 31, 2010 at 1:06 am EDT in Arts & Entertainment, Music

This British trio has managed to successfully infuse amazing modern dance club music with the spirit of 1963 over a period that spans twenty years.

I was fortunate enough to have seen them play their very first US performance in New York City (with Grant Lee Buffalo and American Music Club) at the Manhattan Center Ballroom on September 23, 1994.  Saint Etienne was reported at the time to have been very unhappy with how the show went, but I remember having loved it.

This band has released so many fabulous albums, that I consider them to be one of my all-time favorite groups.  I recently attempted to burn some of their best tracks for someone only to realize there was no way I could fit them all onto a regular 80 minute CD.  Seriously, how many bands from the last 20 years can you say that about?

This song, “Nothing Can Stop Us Now,” is from their very first album, FOXBASE ALPHA.  Approaching its twentieth birthday, I think you’ll agree that this tune is timeless.


For Neil Young Fans out there, who happen to enjoy dance music, you’ll absolutely adore this Saint Etienne cover of his song “Only Love Can Break Your Heart” — also from FOXBASE ALPHA.

Either of the above songs, or the entire FOXBASE ALPHA album, can be downloaded here:  Foxbase Alpha - Saint Etienne

Watch: The La’s Perform “There She Goes” On David Letterman – 1991

by on Friday, November 6, 2009 at 2:21 pm EDT in Arts & Entertainment, Music

Here’s an old favorite of mine by Liverpudlian group, The La’s . I was fortunate to have seen these guys play live twice — once at the Town & Country in London, England (early 1991) and again the following year at a festival in the Washington, DC area.  They’ve got a great sense of melody– singer Lee Mavers has a real Beatlesque feel to his songwriting — and they put on an excellent live show.  I was expecting huge things from them then, but they unfortunately disbanded sometime after their first album.

In 1999, Sixpence None The Richer covered ‘There She Goes’ which became that band’s second hit single.

I personally have always preferred The La’s original version.  Here they are live in 1991, making their American television debut on the David Letterman Show.  Enjoy!:


You can download The La’s “There She Goes” single, or the full length album here:  The LA's - The La's - There She Goes