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Watch: Lily Allen Does Her Pop — Reggae Hit, ‘Smile’

by on Saturday, October 24, 2009 at 9:23 am EDT in Arts & Entertainment, Music

I understand this song was a hit in the UK/Europe, and as a result Lily Allen is pretty big there.  For some reason it didn’t happen here, and therefore most Americans aren’t too familiar with Allen or this song.

The song ‘Smile’ from her album Alright, Still has got a great melody — pop / reggae-tinged — should have been a huge hit here in America, and even on mainstream radio.  Here is is the video of ‘Smile’ — Enjoy!:

YouTube Preview Image

Lily Allen’s hit single ‘Smile’ or its full-length album, Alright, Still, can be downloaded here:  Lily Allen - Alright, Still - Smile